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FriendApp-who deleted you @ FB

Développeur Caramella SW
1 usd

This App contains 3 main functions:1) On Facebook you don’t see it when you will be deleted as a friend. This App can show you your lost and newly found friends. This means you are always well informed – even about your lost contacts!
2) You can download your friends data into an Excel file. So you can easily recognize when the birthdays of your friends are or what kinds of sports your friends like. Thus you can arrange to meet up with friends who share the same sporting interests. Or you find out that some of your friends now live in the same area or close to you so that its easily possible to meet up again.This way you can increase the interaction with your friends a lot.
3) You will see great statistics, which give you information about your entire circle of friends. E.g. you can see what percentage of your friends are female, where most of your friends live, how the age structure of your friends looks like or what percentage of your friends are in a relationship.
This App is an interesting addition to the Facebook application and maybe you can manage it thereby to regain some of your lost friends !